NetOP designs and manufactures hardware based on Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) with a complete hardware management platform and software development kit (SDK) for Internet of Things (IoT) market.

NetOP’s low energy wireless cloud sensor family is modular and ready to integrate with any IoT platforms with known IoT connectivity protocols. There are more than 80 sensors in NetOP’s portfolio and they have an innovative, patented and unique structure that combine with each other to bring thousands of IoT devices to the market. NetOP also packaging some sensors with software and connectivity for vertical IoT markets like:

  • Parking Lot Management,
  • Meter Reading,
  • Smart Buildings
  • Machine monitoring
  • Waste Bin Management,
  • Power Lines Monitoring and many more…

NetOP also offer many IoT verticals with an As A Service model. End customers can reach the solutions without CAPEX.

NetOP, has headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands; sales office in London, UK and has manufacturing lines in Izmir, Turkiye.

NetOP focused; Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Location Based Projects, Indoor LoRa Network and sensor applications, Parking Lot Management Systems, Power Line Monitoring etc. (due to NetOP Lego blocks like sensor structure, NetOP can cover all kind of IoT projects).

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