James Beswick | AWS

Why serverless will revolutionize your software process

James Beswick is a Developer Advocate, Software Engineer and Product Manager, with nearly 10 years’ experience of bringing the cloud to large companies and startups.

Abstract talk
Serverless is more than Lambda – it’s a complete set of services and tools that accelerate your ability to deliver software quickly. This talk shows how these services plug together and uses real-life examples to demonstrate how this new paradigm can fix many of the traditional problems of creating and managing software. Learn about the hidden benefits of the serverless approach, from scaling MVPs to managing code with remote development groups, and find out what you need to succeed on this journey.

This talk covers:
– What is the realm of serverless (it’s not just FaaS)
– Design patterns with live application examples and code
– The common difficulties of getting started in managing serverless projects
– The rarely-discussed benefits of moving to a serverless infrastructure, based on actual experience

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