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Mainflux is a technology company which provides a full-stack open-source, patent-free IoT Platform and commercial services and consulting grounded in the team members’ expertise and extensive working experience gained in fortune 500 companies as well as technological start-ups.

IoT Platform

Mainflux IoT platform is a  comprehensive,  full-stack and opens-source IoT platform with capabilities which only 14% IoT platforms have on the market. Written in highly modern Golang programming language and deployed in Docker, it serves as software infrastructure and set of microservices for development of the Internet of Things Solutions and deployment of Intelligent products.

On the grounds of the expertise and technical solutions implemented in the Mainflux IoT Platform, LINUX FOUNDATION has invited Mainflux to be the founding member and one of the leaders of Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry Project, with DELL, AMD, and Toshiba.

Additionally, Mainflux IoT platform will be featured in O’Reilly book “Scalable architectures for the Internet of Things”.