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Bittiq is a data company that helps people make better financial decisions.

By analyzing transaction data, the Bittiq app gives users objective insight into their financial situation, as well as offering actionable suggestions on how to improve it. Users receive a clear overview of their spending, can cancel unnecessary subscriptions in one swipe and get better deals for services and products, saving them up to €2500 annually.

But this just the start. The real strength of Bittiq lies in the application of AI, tailored to the personal situation of the user. Possibilities range from a chatbot as a financial adviser to warning notifications when someone is likely to fall for impulsive spending. Eventually, Bittiq will be able to predict financial problems, thereby offering the chance to act before it is too late.

Visitors of the ITNEXT Summit will be able to test the beta release of the Bittiq app first-hand and debate with us the opportunities and challenges of AI in personal finance.