Tara Ojo | FutureLearn

Learning together - Keeping up to date with new technologies across teams

She is the JavaScript chair – Tara is STEM Ambassador and Software Engineer at leading social learning company FutureLearn. Tara has spoken on panels, at meetups and at a number of conferences on topics from the JavaScript intersection observer API to the practicalities of supporting junior developers in tech. Tara’s working hard to inspire the next generation of young people into technology careers through her work with STEM Learning. She’s also a leader at her local church, a Code Club volunteer and enjoys getting lost in code, books and great food!

Abstract talk
When we work in companies of many engineers spanning different teams and different projects, how can we stay on the same page? Isn’t the dream for a codebase to look like it’s been written by one person? In the evolving nature of the front-end, what are the best ways for teams to stay up-to-date? There are many possible options, but this talk will go through how we do this at FutureLearn. Utilising our culture of learning to keep up-to-date on topics from updates to ECMAScript, to wilder concepts like generative art.

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