Serhat Can | Atlassian

4 Key takeaways from running Serverless on production for 4 years

Technical Evangelist at Atlassian, AWS Community Hero and Devopsdays core organizer

Serhat helps teams build better on-call and incident response practices at Atlassian Opsgenie. He is part of the Devopsdays core team and he runs many local events in İstanbul. He is an AWS Community Hero and his interests include DevOps, Serverless and AWS platform.

Abstract talk
Serverless is everywhere nowadays. Many companies already adopted Serverless for simple automation tasks but many more are looking to go even further. At Atlassian’s Opsgenie, we use Serverless, specifically AWS Lambda, for various use-cases since its first release. We even had a spin-out product out of it – called! In this talk, I share 4 key takeaways out of this 4 years journey and give some real-life examples for each:
– Still need great engineers
– LessOps, not NoOps
– Cheaper, even at scale
– Can do many use-cases
+ A bonus!

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