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Önder Ceylan | LINKIT

PWA: Is it a replacement for your mobile app?

Önder has been working on web and mobile apps, on a range of small and very complex ones in various development ecosystems for the past 15 years. Javascript has always been his passion and nowadays he enjoys it at it’s full while working as a JavaScript Team Lead. He believes in team work and sees himself as a strong agilist. Next to being a Senior JS Developer, Önder is Squad lead of the JavaScript Squad at LINKIT.

About this session

Progressive Web Apps are another approach to offer mind boggling mobile app experiences that are immensely optimized, genuine, and accessible totally on the web. A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. Many large and small brands are jumping on Progressive Web Apps to create better user experiences, anywhere the web runs. While going through the latest features and capabilities of Progressive Web Apps, he will demonstrate PWA toolkits and best practices that you’d want to know for building a functional, performing and scalable PWA. After the session, you are going to answer the questions of ‘What web can do today?’, ‘Is PWA a replacement for my native mobile app?’ and ‘How can I build a PWA right away?

Please check my presentation slides!