Marion Schleifer | Hasura

Building modern web-applications with Hasura's GraphQL engine

Marion is a developer experience engineer working mainly with web technologies. She studied translation and changed careers to software development four years ago. She holds Masters degrees in Business Administration and Software Engineering. Because she realised that the tech industry is by far not diverse enough, she co-founded Women Techmakers and Ruby Monstas. She feels that a diverse workspace is favourable for the team, as well as for the final product.

Abstract talk
Many programmers are looking for new opportunities now that serverless is becoming more popular. Hasura offers instant realtime GraphQL on Postgres as a serverless backend option. Using a sample application, I will show you how to build fast and reliable web applications with a Vue frontend and a backend running on Hasura’s GraphQL engine. We will explore how the different components work together and how you can take full advantage of the combination of these technologies.

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