Katrin Strasser | Catalysts

Bias in AI - choose your data wisely

Software Developer with focus on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing at Catalysts

Katrin Strasser is an AI software developer with main focus on Natural Language Processing at Catalysts. This includes planning and developing AI solutions, as well as Business Development. During her bachelor studies in Game Development & Augmented Reality and her master studies in Bioinformatics she was able to gain insights into a broad variety of IT related topics.

Abstract talk
In order for an AI to function as one, it has to be trained on data before it can actually act intelligently. It may behave in odd, unexpected ways, but one has to remember: Maybe the situation is completely new and it simply has not learned the correct behavior yet. Humans have to constantly learn and adapt over their lives, an AI, however, is trained only on a very limited set of data and thus may develop a completely different and biased view.
Which reasons are there to cause such bias, what influences it and how can we attempt to reduce the bias? This talk sheds some light on bias in AI and how to overcome it when developing AI solutions.

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