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Domenico Gemoli |

End-to-end testing: from rookie to pro

Domenico is a frontend developer at, currently working on their testing infrastructure. He loves cats, pizza and Rocket League!

He has been working with web technologies since 2010, when he joined unit9 as an Interactive developer, building stunning interactive storytelling experiences in Flash. In 2015 he moved on to the YOOX Net-a-Porter group, working on luxury fashion e-commerce websites, and this is when he met end-to-end testing – it was love at first sight.

Since then, Domenico has been actively searching opportunities for implementing end-to-end tests and he is currently helping achieve deployment stability through a sophisticated end-to-end testing infrastucture.

About this session

The talk is a walkthrough guide on how to get up and running with end-to-end tests, using WebdriverIO as an example framework for demonstration purposes. Once I’ve gone through the basic setup and some simple examples, I’ll show some advanced techniques for testing some of the trickier aspects of a website.

The talk will involve both slides and (offline) live coding, and will demonstrate how easy it is to get started with end-to-end tests. It is suitable for all audiences that have experience using Javascript, and is applicable to anyone developing a website, regardless of the technologies it is built with.


Please check my presentation slides!