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Andrei Chernyshev | Outfittery

Kotlin + SpringBoot = Decision making platform in Outfittery

Andrei is a senior software engineer at Outfittery, a company providing relevant fashion to men, with the help of intelligent algorithms and machine learning. He’s a huge Kotlin enthusiast and advocate, an active member of the Kotlin User Group Berlin, and is always ready to talk about technologies.

About the talk

Outfittery’s mission is to provide relevant fashion to men. In the past we relied purely on our stylists to put together the best outfits for our customers. Right now we are in the process of adding more and more intelligent algorithms to augment our human experts.

This transition to become a data driven company has left its marks on our IT landscape: In the beginning we just did simple A/B tests. Then we wanted to use more complex logic so we added a generic data enrichment layer. Later we also provided easy configurability to steer processes. And this enabled us to orchestrate our machine learning algorithms as self contained Docker containers within a Kubernetes cluster. It then really took us some time to realize that we actually had built a delivery platform to expose just any pure function that our mad data scientists come up with – directly into our microservice landscape. Now we just put their R&D experiments directly into production…

The application that drives this platform was written 100% in Kotlin. Where coroutines, Kotlin scripts and DSL’s were smashed together to fulfill our very specific needs. This talk will guide you through this journey, explain how this platform evolved along with evolution of Kotlin.