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Alessandro Vozza | Microsoft

A Brigade of open source tools for event-driven pipelines in Kubernetes

Alessandro has been around Open Source for as long as he can remember, and he started cultivating the DevOps community in Amsterdam when it was not an hype. After many transitions, he now settled as Senior Software Engineer for Microsoft, pushing for adoption of state of the art DevOps practises and culture across different industries and communities. He’s a CNCF ambassador and one of the organiser of K8sday

About this session

Kubernetes is truly the OS for the cloud native applications, but it’s still rough on the edges when it comes to friendliness to developers and ease of us for operators. In this talk we’ll turn your run-of-the mill cluster into a fully responsive event-driven distributed system and implement a pipeline expressed in Javascript to react to events in a timely and reproducible manner. All in on the Kubernetes Brigade!

The demo-driven talk will be centred around Brigade, an open source tool from the team behind Deis (now Azure Container Services) and other tools to create event-driven pipelines in Kubernetes using Javascript.