About ITNEXT Summit 2018


We live by this motto. ITNEXT SUMMIT 2018 is an event where innovative companies and people will demystify their products and knowledge, showing the tech behind the solutions of tomorrow.

topics of the Summit

Do not expect just discussions about what will happen in 5 to 10 years. It is a place to see behind the curtains what is possible to implement and apply now, to learn what seemed impossible but it is now feasible!
With the Summit, we extend our community and create another great opportunity for connecting, broadening and deepening knowledge!
All of this has one aspiration, to strengthen the ITNEXT Community and use Technology to improve the world around us.

Are you eager to attend this annual conference, a future meetup or do you want to become a writer for ITNEXT? Sign up for the Summit, become a member of our Meetup and join ITNEXT.io.

Remember that the focus of ITNEXT SUMMIT 2017 is not the IF’s and WHY’s only, but HOW the TECH part works. So get your ideas igniting and be prepared to talk with fellow engineers, decision-makers, investors and all curious tech savvy people. They will be around to discuss the new trends and possibilities that can bring you closer to the future. All of this motivated by out-of-this-world speakers and surprising expositions.

Come on over and let’s, together, LOOK AHEAD!